Creativity at Night

Creativity at night?  Here’s how to harness it.

Although it might not seem that logical, as in the evening we tend to feel pretty drowsy, the period before we drop off into slumber holds the most creative potential within our minds. Sleep and relaxation allow our unconnected brain cells to basically link up- resulting in a flood of philosophies. If you end up with a string of ideas coming into your head in the evenings, here are five great tips on how to harness this creative ability to ultimately channel it into your work.

Write everything down.

Due to the fickle nature of our thoughts as we fall asleep, ideas and creative concepts can easily fall in and out of our minds incredibly quickly. If you ever experience a creative thought in the evening- it’s best to write it down, as you’re probably not going to be able to recall it the next day! Keep a late-night thought diary for your ideas, they’re pretty entertaining to have a look through the morning after the night before!

Set aside time.

Although the evening can be an incredibly creative time for our minds, sleep tends to come first. When you feel the thoughts enter your brain, work on them for a certain amount of time before switching off- sometimes all it takes is around half an hour to get your thoughts down on paper before heading off to bed.

Create a plan for the next morning.

Although tempting, it’s probably not the best idea to stay up late working on new ideas. Instead, drafting a plan and writing up a few brief notes on your ideas is a great way to set yourself up for the next working day.

Listen to instrumental music.

Music boosts creativity and improves learning and memory function. Just half an hour of listening to instrumental music on a low volume can help you to dig into your mind before sleep to unearth some brilliant ideas.

Perfect your sleep environment.

Finally, for late night thoughts to be nurtured and for creativity to flow in the moments before sleep, it’s always a good idea to have an ideal sleeping environment. A cooling MLILY mattress can help to regulate your body temperature whilst dim lighting relaxes your mind as you fill in a few of your thoughts before falling asleep.


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